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Clawfoot Tubs

Clawfoot tub- a classic choice

This kind of tub is also known as a free standing bathtub. It is elevated from the floor that supports itself with the feet. This is not like any other traditional drop-in bath tub. It is available in many different colors, shapes, configurations and styles. The most commonly used clawfoot tub that you may very often see is the one that is traditional, the roll rim bath. These are made of real cast iron tubs that were made between 1890 and 1940. This is available in many sizes such as 4, 4.5, 5, 5.5 inches in length that can fit all sizes of people.

Basic styles of clawfoot bathtubs

The clawfoot tubs have generally a flat top with a round seating area at one end and drain and faucet on the other.

Pedestal bathtubs; These tubs are also known as free standing bathtubs. These are somewhat same like the art deco style tubs that came in 1920s and 1930s. These tubs have many same configurations and styles like the clawfoot bathtubs.

Double-ended clawfoot bathtubs; These tubs have rounded sides for your comfort and choice in a number of bathing positions. The tubs have a side mounting faucet and centre drain configuration and offers high back construction on both the ends.

Slipper clawfoot tubs; These tubs have high back construction that gives you a comfortable seating position. This also gives you a good support to your head and gives you all kinds of comfort and support.

Choosing a Clawfoot Bathtub

Material of the bathtub

These tubs are either made of acrylic or iron. The acrylic bathtubs are made in many unique techniques with many types of materials. These tubs are much easier, lighter and safer to install. The iron bathtubs are made with a covering of cast iron with paint and porcelain on each side.

Feet Type and Finish

These bathtubs have many choices for feet types and finishes. The most popularly used tubs of this type are Paw, Ball & Claw, Cannonball & Armanda. The famous colors in this are chrome, satin nickel, white, old world bronze, polished brass, and old world copper.


The faucets of these tubs are available in a wide choice of functionalities, styles and colors. The tubs can be bought without the faucet holes, 3-3/8’’ inside mount faucet holes, 7’’ deck mount faucet holes, 3-3/8 deck mount faucet holes that accommodates any type of faucet that is installed with the tub.


These tubs are available in many different colors that you may like. Bisque and white are the most common colors offered by many manufacturers that also provide the facility of custom painting settings or color match programs.

Hydro Massage Options

Including whirlpools and air baths, a hydro massage can also be a good option for these bathtubs. The air baths consists of many tiny bubbles that surround your body to give an even more relaxing and soothing massage experience. The heated air is forced out from the small holes in the tub that gives you warm bubbles massaging experience. You may get relaxed to your desired intensity. But the whirlpool system has jets that gives a more targeted and vigorous massage. The jet, with the help of water and air, created a hydro massage for specific body parts. The jets can be adjusted according to your wish that changes the direction of the flow of massage. Both, salts and oils should not be used for the whirlpool baths.

Clawfoot Bathtub Packages

The bathtub packages help to eliminate the problem of choosing all the suitable pieces and create a maintained look of the bathtub. You may get the packages along with the drain system, faucet or both that allows easy choice and installation.

Vintage Shower Sets

These shower sets are used to join the free standing tubs or clawfoot to make the look of old world or an enclosed shower. To give a good function or look, there is availability of risers, vintage shower sets, accessories and enclosures.

Reasons to Buy a Claw-foot Tub

When you have planned to remodel your bathroom, these bathtubs can be the best choice for you. This is one of the very good décor items available these days. If you are fond to enjoying a soaking session in the bathtub or if you like the perfect choice of décor for your bathroom then you can definitely buy this one. There are a few reasons that can force you to buy these bathtubs for your home.

  1. Easy installation: this is a very attractive feature that compels you to buy it. This is not like the drop-in tubs in which you have to caulk the edges or tear out a wall to install the tub. You only have to put the tub at the place where you wish to keep it in your bathroom and then install the plumping, make it a very simple way to transform the appearance of a bathroom or to change a side room into a bathroom.
  2. Attractiveness: these tubs give you bathroom a complete traditional or classic look that is very appealing to one’s eyes. These tubs had started becoming famous even before two centuries but the look has changed a little since then. The material composition has also changed. Today, acrylic is the most famous material for these tubs. The classic look has always been the same.
  3. Durability: there are many people who do not change these clawfoot bathtubs with the change of their homes because these tubs are very durable and lasts for many years. Even after years of use, they not only just usable but in good condition. There are not all the tubs that are made from the old materials. The original tubs were made from cast iron coated with porcelain but these days the tubs are made from acrylics that are also very durable and may last for many years.
  4. Comfort: some of you may be fond of soaking yourself in a hot bath and spend some time inside then buying this bathtub is definitely a very good choice. These tubs are made in such a manner that allows you to recline comfortably. These tubs are also much deeper than the other drop-in tubs. They are made from the materials that can very well hold heat thus allows you to relax in the bath tub for as long as you want without letting the water getting colder.

Determining the Tub Size

The first and foremost thing you need, before going to buy a tub is the size of the tub. You should keep the exact dimensions with you as there may be a limited variety in your bathroom dimensions and also consider the location in your bathroom. When you take the measurement, take note of the length and width of the tub that is going to be fitted in your bathroom. You should also leave some space for plumping.

Selecting Tub Construction

Many tubs are cast irons while the popular choice these days in these days have become the acrylic ones. There are both advantages and disadvantages to both acrylic and iron tubs. There is high resistance of the porcelain interior to the cast iron tubs to stains and wear. The acrylic tubs made today are much lighter that makes it suitable for the upper story installations.

Choosing a Style

These tubs have a very organized collection of tubs into four main categories.

Roll Top

These tubs have one end flat and the other round where the faucets are installed. It allows the iron and acrylic tubs of the length that is suitable for both grand and compact bathrooms.


This one has the highest level of back-rest for you and so this slipper bathtub is best for soaking. These tubs are available in both cast iron and acrylic tubs from which you can choose one for yourself.


These tubs have round ends and in the dual slipper, it has high back rest at both the sides. The industry’s top manufacturers offer these tubs in both acrylic double-ended tubs and cast iron double-end tubs.

Pedestal & Skirted

These tubs do not sit on clawfeet but on a pedestal. Now the modern air bath options are open for the tubs that give you a good vintage feel. The skirted bathtubs are double-ended tubs that get fitted within a cast iron skirt instead of the clawfeet. The classics of these bathtubs give a good air bath acrylic pedestal tubs and cast iron pedestal tubs.

Final Thoughts

You will have to make a search on all the advantages, disadvantages, features like material, faucet, style and size much before. When you buy this bathtub it will be for decades of use and you will definitely not change it early so be very careful with everything. For every little thing your comfort and satisfaction level matters a lot. You can search online, ask your family or friends who have used this or are using it now for the review of this bathtub. It gives you a good bath and also a nice classic look to your bathroom.

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